Monday, January 30, 2006

A tiny Stalker

Yesterday, as I was shopping with one of my friends, we passed a little Japanese girl who was probably about 1 year old maybe and came up to my knees. She was wearing a warm winter hat with the doggy flaps and she could only see you by tilting her head way up. She was adorable. Well, as we walked passed her she decided that she saw something interesting. She started following us. As we started to walk faster, she began to run towards us. She was determined to catch us. Finally we stopped so she wouldn't get too far away from her parents. Then she came running up to me (usually kids run the other way when they see me) and she pointed to my bag and started speaking Japanese baby language, which I am not yet fluent in. Her father finally came over and apologized and had to hold on to her after she again tried to follow us. It was a fun and cute moment :)


Blogger TK said...

That's a really cute story. I wish you'd been able to take a picture!

Do you know if Grayden has one of these? I know he wants to delete his mindsay one since you don't use yours anymore.

I like that you update this one fairly regularly. Yay :)

1:02 PM  
Blogger _-=true_story=-_ said...

Ouch Tami... ouch. Anyway, yes he does... its with myspace..

2:44 PM  
Blogger Katie Swarthout said...

So, today I was waiting to cross the street at a crosswalk, and I notice this jr. high boy standing across the street. His head had fallen forward with his chin almost touching his chest. I was like what is that kid doing? When I crossed the street and passed him, I realized he was asleep...standing up! Who knows how long he stood there cat-napping.
Love ya, Katie!

5:01 PM  

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