Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's the LiTtLe things

Today as I left school and started walking home, one of my eight graders saw me and ran up to walk with me. She is one of my favorite students, always cheerful and really likes English. Occasionally I get to walk home with students, but most of the time they go home earlier, or it just isn't cool to walk with your teacher. But today was one of those days that reminded me how much I love teaching and I love my students. Noriko (my student) talked the whole way, a little in English, but mostly Japanese. We talked about what my dream were when I was little (being an actress of course) and her dream of being a flight attendant (even though she says her brain doesn't work so she is not sure if she can do that). Her desire to be an exchange student and how a cat ate her uncle's bird (after I shared my story of a cat killing my hamster). We even almost got eaten ourselves by this BIG scary dog. Okay, well not really eaten, but it was stinkin' scary! It was a great time. And as I walked away to my house, I prayed that God would give her an opporunity to learn about His Son, Jesus.


Blogger TK said...

That's really cool. I just started coaching (well, assistant coaching) softball so I am really hoping for the chance to speak life into them and build those relationships.

Good times :)

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