Monday, February 20, 2006

It's moments like these...

Today we started interview tests with my students. I test one by one on their english communication skills. During this test I ask them questions like how old they are, what their name is, where things are on the map I show them. I like the interview tests because it gives me a chance to talk to the students one on one and really find out their english level. This also proves to be very funny at times. For example, just today when I asked students, "Where are you from?" They would reply "I am Japan." If I put some of the strange things I have heard from them, the conversation would go like this....
Me:"Where are you from?"
Student: "I am Japan."
Me:"How old are you?"
Student: "I am twelve (pause) hundred (pause and looks at fingers)."
Me:"What color is your hair?"
Student: "I am black."
Me:"Are you Japanese?"
Student: "Yes, it is."
Me:"Am I American? (pointing to myself)"
Student:"No, you aren't."
Me:"I'm not?"
Student: "No, you aren't."
Me:"What nationality am I?"
Student: "You are (pause and thinking face) African."

Yep, so that's my life. It's moments like these that make teaching so enjoyable.


Blogger yui said...

Hey Shiona!It's Yui and when I read your blog,I couldn't help laughing!!HaHa,it must have been a lot of funny and interesting interview test!!Maybe when I was little,I was like they are.
I pretty much enjoyed reading it!
Your life is wonderful!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Katie Swarthout said...

I was on the train with Cindy yesterday, and this little Japanese kid gets on the train with his mother. The little kid takes one look at us and says to his mother in Japanese, "Those two foriegners look alike". The mom says that we don't look alike. The little boy tilts his head, thinks, and then says, "You're right...their coats are different."

5:29 PM  

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