Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a day in Kyoto

The other day, Liz (a new Journeyman in Japan) and I decided to venture out on our own and go to Kyoto :) It was her first time and my first time as a "guide." Needless to say it was an exciting adventure and we ended up in two of the places we had "planned" to go and others that we simply came across.

This is a Japanese cemetary that Liz came upon. People come here and burn incense at their ancestors graves.

Here is Yasuka temple. People come to this temple and pull on the rope to ring a bell which awakens the gods. They then clap their hands and pray. There are hundreds of these temples in Kyoto.

Yojiya cafe! We started our adventure looking for this coffee shop and after asking directions of everyone, looking many times at our map and going to the wrong shop, we found it, at the end of our travels, near the station where we started. It was a good end to the day.

Yojiya is actually famous for its makeup products here in Japan. This face is their product theme. So, when you go to one of their cafes and order a cappucino you get one with this image artistically created on top! Cool huh. It was sad when I had to add sugar and stir the face around with my spoon :(

What a lovely adventure!


Blogger TK said...

I am glad you guys had fun. I like your pics. Except you're not in any of them :(

Thanks for your comment (and finally reading my blog, busy girl who never responds to e-mails). I miss you, too. I am almost positive I am coming home for Christmas regardless of when Sharon's wedding is, so I am REALLY excited about that. Hopefully I can see you!!

12:00 PM  

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