Friday, July 28, 2006

Dancing Queens

I don't know if it is our personality, the way we dress, because we look like we can make people laugh, or just because we are foreigners but people really seem to pick Katie and I out of a crowd. Let me take you back two months ago to our last night in Guam. It was a great BBQ dinner at the Hilton hotel. It also included a dinner show in which the Chamorros (native people of Guam) performed cultural dances on stage. There we were, the four of us: Koni, Kaori, Katie and I, enjoying the show when all of a sudden a man comes over to Katie and brings her on stage. So, Katie takes part in this on stage dancing and not 15 minutes later a different guy drags me on stage to compete in a dance contest on stage (I won by the way;) )

Fast forward to Thursday, July 27th. Katie and I go out with two of our Japanese friends to Dotonburi where they have an old fashioned Japanese town set up. There is tons of food and little booths and you can even watch a small dramatic performance every hour or so. It was 3:30 and we were standing around getting ready to watch the performance. I was excited. Suddenly the show was starting. The host was making jokes in Japanese and introducing the play. She then mentioned something about a special member in the audience and pointed at Katie.
Moments later she said there would be another special member and just as she said that I tried to hide behind the little Japanese boy next to me. I had a feeling who that other special member would be...

And of course we couldn't leave without dancing on stage-again!


Blogger _-=true_story=-_ said...

wow... I got a little dizzy after watching that last one

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have the coolest life :)


3:25 AM  
Anonymous Charlie Seelen said...


I just commented on Katie's site about how God continues to use our weaknesses for His glory.

However, after watching the video, I think God has an incredible sense of humor.

You and Katie bring a new perspective to Colossians 3:23!

In our weakness, embarrassment, foolishness, etc...
may He be glorified.

Blessings ><>
Charlie for all

PS I know the clock on your departure is ticking down. On behalf of my family, it has been a great pleasure getting to know you and working along beside you.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Shio-chan said...

thanks Charlie! :)

3:11 PM  

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