Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Takoyaki Home Cooking Show

One of the most famous foods in the Kansai area is takoyaki. The word "tako" means octopus and "yaki" means to fry or to cook. So, "takoyaki" is basically pieces of octopus in balls of batter that are cooked in a special pan. They are then served hot with sauce and mayonnaise and little dancing fish flakes on them. You can also add other ingredients like corn and cheese and even chocolate (not with the octopus of course). Though it sounds repulsive, it is actually very delicious!
Last night I had a takoyaki party with some friends.
Straight from my kitchen-here's how you make takoyaki...

Intro to takoyaki

Me making takoyaki


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made me miss having random cooking adverntures with you. Remember when you and Rach tried to help me grasp the beauty of super-mega-cheap generic brand mac and cheese with super-mega-cheap generic brand tuna and then peas from a damaged can that you found for ten cents all mixed together?

Oh, those were the days :)


3:19 AM  
Blogger Shio-chan said...

sick, yeah, I remember those days. What were we thinking?

10:04 AM  

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