Friday, July 14, 2006

My foot tastes good

So yesterday I went out to Hard Rock Cafe with some friends. Afterwards on our way to karaoke (oh yeah!) we were stopped by some asians and asked directions on how to get to the subway line. They didn't speak Japanese too well and they spoke a little English. One of the Japanese girls with us said she thought they were Chinese. So, we told them if they wanted, we would take them to the Subway gate. On the way there I kept thinking of all the Chinese words I knew so I might be able to start a conversation with them or at least let them know I like China (tryin' to be international and all ;). Except, the only things I really know how to say are hello, goodbye, ice cream, nap and "I am Chinese." None of which would be of much use in this situation. Well, we finally arrived and they got their tickets and thanked us for helping them. As they were leaving I waved and said "zai jien" (goodbye) in Chinese. They went through the ticket gate and as we were walking to karaoke I was telling one of the other Japanese girls how I wish I knew more Chinese so I could talk with them. She then turned to me and said, "but they were Korean, not Chinese." Yep, that hurt!


Blogger TK said...

I love you! Had they been Chinese I would have been able to say hello, milkshake, China, America, I am Chinese, I am American, and count to three and then throw out other random numbers which they would say I mispronounced.

And that's why we're awesome. I'm sure Brittney would still be able to strike up a conversation. She's cooler than we are.

1:13 PM  
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