Thursday, July 06, 2006

I like FREE things and I cannot lie...

Today was filled with wonderfulness :) First, I got to accompany the exchange students to the tea ceremony. During this, I got to drink tea and eat about 7 different sweets. Wonderful, simply wonderful. Afterwards, we went to the train station in Nishinomiya because they were having a "Spokane Fair". Nishinomiya and Japan are sister cities, so we often hear or see things about Spokane. This fair was pretty small, consisting mostly of pictures and videos. As I was looking through the pictures, who should I see but ME! Yep, I saw a picture of me at Mukogawa Fort Wright in Spokane. Sadly, I forgot my autograph pen and couldn't autograph it. Actually, we were the only ones there, except for the workers. But I made sure they knew it was me in that picture ;) They were also having a Japanese Paper Art exhibition. It was beautiful. They make people, and villages completely out of paper. They were so beautiful. One person takes 2 months to make. I asked the lady if I could buy them anywhere around here and she said no, but you can buy the paper to make it. Judging by my origami skills, I definitely could not make one :) As we were leaving to catch the taxi back to the school, they stopped us and told us that we could come back and each choose one to take home with us; for free!!! I was shocked. I was amazed. Tears almost stung my eyes. Seriously though, I couldn't beleive the kindness they showed us, just because we are foreigners. This is Japanese hospitality. Wonderfulness, simply wonderfulness.


Blogger TK said...

I'm excited to see a picture of your Japanese Paper Person. Also, I've always considered you to be famous ;)

Oh, and did you get a new camera?

2:43 AM  

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