Thursday, June 15, 2006

ScHoOl LiFe

There are some days that I go to school and I think, "what is going on?" Today was one of those days. I collected and corrected English journals from my 10th graders. In one of the journals a girl wrote, "I went to the shopping after a long interval for the first time in sometime. So, I just can't tell you how glad happy I was." If you read this sentence out loud it is even funnier. Then, in my 8th grade class I made my students into 6 teams and each team was supposed to make a conversation using vocabulary they had learned in class about weather, clothing, animals and time. Well, one group got up there and it went something like this:
"What's the weather like today?"
"It's sunny"
"Me too."
What are you going to wear to the zoo?"
"A school uniform."
"Me too."
"What time is it."
"It's 3:00."
"Me too, me too."

And finally, it seemed like every time I went to the staff room the same girl would run up behind me and grab my arm, walking along with me. (She does this everytime she sees me) Another habit of hers is trying to bite my arm! I know! If you are shocked right now, imagine how I feel. She never does it hard. But can you imagine a 9th grader running up to you and trying to bite your arm while you are going to the teacher's room?
So, as I said in the beginning, "What is going on here?"


Blogger TK said...

I say "Bite me" a lot and one of my roommates always comes up to me and tries to bite me. So now I say, "Bite me. But don't ACTUALLY bite me." It's awesome. I think.

And nice grammar from your students :) But at least the one girl knew the word interval!

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, it's my first time reading your blogs... and you are both pretty much adorable. Love the two of you. Write me.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Chi said...

Well, how about this.
"I went to Liz with Itami today's yesterday. The exhibit was displaying my artworks there. I hope you can come with Itami."

Oooh-well, I think I speak very fluent Englsih! I AM AWESOME!
teehee just kidding!
Good luch for the bite!
Hmm, yummy Shi-shi!

1:15 PM  
Blogger Katie Swarthout said...

Hi, Shi Shi!!
Ai-chan and Liz are here with me and we are laughing at your blog!!
Ai says that I got so many bug bites in Indonesia because I smelled the worst. OH, well :(
Keiko, Liz, and Ai-chan!!

11:14 PM  

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