Monday, August 07, 2006

surprise, surprise, surprise

Last night, after returning home from Mt. Fuji (a.k.a. "giver of pain") I went out to dinner with a friend. to my surprise, when I met her she had brought one of the students with her who is going to Spokane and who I helped teach English. So, we all went to eat dinner together. Akiko, my friend's name, was my second group of students when I was an RA in Spokane. So, we have known eachother for about 3 and a half years. So, we ate and talked and then all of a sudden two more of my friends showed up and later another until finally there were 10 of us all together. Yeah, so I was definitely surprised. At the end Akiko had a cake brought up and flowers as a going away present. The best thing was this: when I was her RA, just before her and her group left to come back to Japan, I wrote them a song as a goodbye present. Akiko recorded this on her video camera, so as a present to me she had given the tape to her friends who are in a band and they did a remix of the song (which is much cooler than when I did it on my guitar) and she made a CD and had it playing while they brought my cake out. I couldn't help but cry. It was the sweetest present I've gotten. Thanks Akiko! daisuki!


Blogger Abiding said...

That is amazing! You might not believe this, but Saturday night (so your Sunday afternoon) I prayed that God would do something that would catch you off-guard and just bless you tremendously. It's in my journal- and I'm not even kidding!

Isn't that amazing? I'm not saying it was because of me, PS. Just saying that I think it's pretty cool :)

12:49 AM  
Blogger Shio-chan said...

that is cool! thanks for praying for me Tam

9:28 AM  
Anonymous bekah said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is the coolest thing ever!!!

6:21 AM  

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