Tuesday, August 15, 2006

too much stuff

What started out as 5 boxes quickly became 10. I am finishing my packing today with 10 boxes. 10! Katie came over and "helped" me yesterday. I got a lot more done with her around actually. Even though we paused to watch TV and record ourselves for our Amazing Race video, and take pictures...I really did get alot done. You can't tell from the pictures though.


Blogger Abiding said...

I can relate to the difficulty of trying to make your life fit into a few boxes and toothbrushes.

Hey- do you have any connecting flights in the US? Make sure you get up to date on the new regulations for carryons- seriously, no liquids at all, no gels, nothing. If I were you I'd only bring your electronics (like camera, phone, ipod, etc) and books. If you have anything- even chapstick- they'll throw it away. Sorry if you've already heard about this. But I want to warn you! They may even do this in Japan, too. But even if you want to bring toothpaste they'll throw it away, so just pack it all very carefully into your check-in luggage. Sad day- no smuggling marimos for you :(

PS Nice teapot ;)

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Yui said...

Wow you are finally going back or maybe coming back to America!!!How do you feel right now? I'm gonna miss you when I think that I won't be able to see you in Japan!!! :( But I'm pretty much excited that you will come to America!!!HOpe you pack everything and come to the U.S. soon! WHen you arrive here, tell me your number! I miss you so much!!

10:42 PM  

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