Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy ThAnKsGiViNg!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Right now I am sitting here at my parents house, in my room listening to Christmas music. I woke up this morning, watched the Macy's Day parade and helped my mom prepare for today. In my house Thanksgiving Day should be called "Eat day" because that is basically what we do ALL day. But it does taste a lot different than my Thanksgiving meal last year (no offense Katie, we did great!) I do love this holiday though. And because Thanksgiving is primarily about giving thanks and remembering our blessings, here are some things I am thankful for this year.

-I am thankful that I am here with my family today.
-I am thankful for my wonderful friends around the world.
-I am thankful for my amazing fiance Grayden and the way God has worked in us.
-I am thankful for a job that God provided and that I enjoy.
-I am thankful for the car my parents have let me borrow (even though it's an el camino)
-I am thankful for pumpkin pie :)
-I am thankful for a BIG God who is still at work in and around me.
-I am thankful that I can listen to Christmas music :)
-I am thankful for my grandma who shared Christ with me when I was younger.
-I am thankful that last year during this time I was able to baptise one of my friends in Japan.
-I am thankful for this day!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and let us all give thanks to the giver of all good things- Our Lord Jesus Christ!


Blogger Katie! said...

Thanksgiving 2005 was the BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! Sniff, sniff...wish you were here! This year's turkey is named Rumi...after Chi's mom :).

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Chi said...

Yeah and we all ate my mom! hee hee! Yeah me and katie had been talking like "in the last year," "yeah shiona's like.." "Shiona, sniff sniff"...! Happy to know you had great thanksgiving with your family! :)

2:12 AM  
Anonymous akiyo said...

I am thankful taht you are my best friend!! LoveLove!

12:16 AM  
Blogger _-=true_story=-_ said...

shi-shiiii! ;-)

1:36 PM  

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