Monday, January 01, 2007

A gReAt year

Looking back at this past year I was reminded of how full and blessed it has been. Here's a small list of all that has happened in 2006.

-I began my second year teaching English in Japan.
-one of my dear friends became a Christian.
-I started dating a wonderful guy named Grayden.
-I went to my first Hanshin Tigers game and we won!!!
-I started saying goodbye to my friends and preparing to come back to the U.S.
-I went on a year end camp with my English Club.
-I was named MVP in dodgeball!
-I went to the Sea of Japan with a group of wonderful friends.
-I said goodbye, boarded a plane and returned to the U.S.
-I reconnected with friends I hadn't seen in over 2 years.
-I got engaged to the same wonderful guy I was dating.
-I had my first Thanksgiving home in 2 years.
-I started driving an El Camino.
-I was given a Volvo.
-I spent New Year's Eve with great friends.

Happy 2007 everyone! I hope this year is even better than last. And I was reminded in church this morning, I hope we will spend this year growing closer to Christ and more ready for our return. Let us not be found unprepared.


Blogger Katie! said...

Happy 2007, Shi Shi! Was your New Year's Party better than ours last year?! Remember watching "Fight Club"? Sooo random. Looking forward to March!! Love, Katie!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Chi said...

Happy new year Shiona!! I wish your new year will be willed with lots of joy and happiness!! And thank you sooo much for DVDs for Katie's and Fuji's!! LOVED that ;) You're so talented! Love ya!

12:20 PM  

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